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We can. We use the latest in vibration diagnostic equipment to perform an in depth analysis of a system and find out it's true oscillation and movement.We can analyse your system and decide what is right for your application and advise on better processes that ensure vibration isolation is the least of your issues. It is only with this technology and our experience that you can truely know your product is near 100% isolated.

Yes! There are many calculations that go into isolating your product correctly. Mounting placement and positioning is crucial to ensure you have optimal vibration isolation. Whenever we supply mounts to new customers we will always offer advice on the best way to place them. We won’t leave you in the dark.
Which is the correct rubber to use on your application? We use 3 different types depending on the environment that the mount is in and the forces exerted on the mount. This makes sure that you can rely on your mounts having a stable, non weakening bond for their entire working life. Some rubbers react differently with different containments, such as oils and saltwater. It’s important to make the correct choice.

In most cases a natural rubber compound will be suitable. Natural rubber has a decent life and reacts well to things such as 'creep' (a type of wear that means that the rubber in the mount becomes slightly less elastic with time) and varying temperatures. 

If you're using your mount in a situation where it might be exposed to sea water or oil then a Nitrile or Neoprene rubber compound may well be better suited to your application. Nitrile and Neoprene rubbers react well when under such conditions whereas Natural rubber tends to swell and break down.   

We construct a whole variety of mounts, ranging from two bolt designs to larger base-plate mounts that can withstand loads up to 48kN. All mounts are manufactured to the highest standard and use high quality parts and materials to ensure the most efficient vibration isolation is achieved. We will always make sure you get the right mount for you based on your requirements. With our knowledge and expertise you can rely on the products A.V.A. supply to you. We make the best in the field.
You can see our full range in the Products section of this site. We always do our best to help with any enquiry so if you can't see what you're after then please do get in touch.



Our mounts are used on a wide variety of systems, so we'll have the right mounts for you.

Here is a list of some of those different applications:

Air conditioning plant and equipment
Audio equipment
Automatic weighing equipment
Business machines
Compressors (reciprocating and screw types)
Computer equipment
Concrete moulds
Concrete screeding equipment
Condensing units
Control panels
Converters (AC/DC)
Conveyor systems
Diesel engines
Electric motors
Engine test beds
Exhaust systems (support steelwork)
Exhauster units
Fan and motor sets
Flood-lighting equipment
Fluid storage tanks
Food processing machinery
Fuel tanks
Generator sets (from 1.0KVA - 3MW)
Grinding machines
Hammer mills
Heat pumps
Hydraulic power packs
Laboratory equipment
Laser equipment
Lighting units
Load cells
Machine tools
Marine engines
Packing cases
Petrol engines
Printed circuit boards
Pump units
Racking systems
Refrigeration plant
Road rolling equipment
Sensitive electronic instruments
Storage hoppers
Suspension systems
Television and radio equipment
Trailer mounted equipment
Transmission equipment
Vibrating tables

Water chillers


We ship worldwide to most countries. We will always make sure you have the best shipping arrangements (unless carried out by yourself) and will always endevour to have your products ready to ship directly to you. 

We recognise that when people have problems with their equipment, be it resonance, vibration or oscillation, they want a service, rather than just being fobbed off with a product that ‘might’ work. That is just what AVA provides; a service. We make sure our mounts are tailored to fit your requirements perfectly.
Mounting your equipment is imperative to making sure that you get the most efficiency out of your machinery. Not only will improving efficiency mean that your workflow will be smoother, more reliable and more productive, but it will also increase the life of your product, and therefore be more financially economical. Don’t just settle for something that may or may not work. It’s not worth it!

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