Our stringent quality control process on all of our airborne mounts ensure the absolute structural integrity of each rubber-bonded-to-metal piece we make. From passenger craft to fighter jets, including the world famous Harrier, A.V.A’s great reputation even stretches into the world of Aeronautical engineering. Often we mount electrical panels and instruments but we also mount rams and pumps. As mounts get smaller and therefore stiffer, it is crucial to have the know-how and experience when specifying a small mount to a job, particularly on aircraft.

Military >

For decades A.V.A has been providing solutions for the military and it’s logistical applications. more >


Energy >

A.V.A’s specialist subject – Generators have been our main focus of business since the inception of the company.  more >


Automotive >

With motor technology evolving at an ever increasing rate, it’s important to have the right solutions and fast. more >


Aerospace >

Having worked on Aircraft applications for a number of years we can safely ad that to our great skill base. more >


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