Some of the world’s biggest and most specialist car makers rely on A.V.A for their vibration problems, such as Ferrari, Lotus and the leaders in the electric sports car market, Tesla. We have even helped a number of Formula 1 teams solve isolation issues with mounting gearboxes and transfer boxes. Other parts we have isolated are fuel/oil pumps and alternators. If you are having trouble and need advice or have a specific requirement for your automotive development then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d be more than happy to help.

Military >

For decades A.V.A has been providing solutions for the military and it’s logistical applications. more >


Energy >

A.V.A’s specialist subject – Generators have been our main focus of business since the inception of the company.  more >


Automotive >

With motor technology evolving at an ever increasing rate, it’s important to have the right solutions and fast. more >


Aerospace >

Having worked on Aircraft applications for a number of years we can safely ad that to our great skill base. more >


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