Sandwich Mounts

The sandwich mounting, so called because of its layered construction, is a well proven established design that provides an economical method of isolating heavy industrial machinery.

The steel fixing plates either side of the mounting are separated from each other by a rubber element bonded to a steel centre plate. This design gives the sandwich mounting a high load carrying in a small compact shape. This feature is particularly useful where the mountings are required to have a high load carrying capacity and at the same time a high degree of either horizontal or torsional flexibility.

Sandwich mountings may be used to decouple modes of vibration by the use of mountings inclined at an angle beneath equipment and for applications where it is desirable to accommodate relative movement between adjacent structures such as overhead gantries and walkways.

The range available covers three different sizes. Each size can be manufactured in a range of different hardness compounds to offer a wide range of load deflection characteristics to suit customer specific requirements.

Typical applications include the mounting of diesel engines, machine tools, test beds, vibratory hoppers and conveyors, concrete block-making machines, large exhaust systems etc.

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Loads50 - 8kN

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Sandwich Mount

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